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The Rigours of Being A Nurse: Why Nurses and Would-Be Nurses must take Care of their Body

The Healthcare Industry, as the name would suggest, is geared towards the mitigation and abolishment of ailments that may confront the Human Populace. Pharmacist are tasked to create the best medicines that will be used as the weapons against the ailments. Biologists seek to understand nature and use its natural defenses in order to battle the same ailments. Doctors burn the midnight candles in order to save the lives of their patients by using the knowledge that they have absorbed during their stay in their respective med schools.

Nurses, for their part, seeks to assist their doctors in hospitals in order to save lives and to battle the ailments that afflicts the cadre of patients at their care. The life of a Nurse is no easy task as said persons will be exposed to the same ailments that afflict their very patients. The shifts are not so friendly either. The life of the nurse is full of hectic activities with few moments of relief and rest.

Nurses are expected to labor long hours in order to assure the operation of  the hospital. As a consequence, the time consumed by their work will take a toll on their sleeping and resting time. As such, this consequence takes a toll on their health. The stress that their workplace creates, coupled with the hectic activities and the exposure to the ailments will also affect the health of the nurses.

Importance of Health

It would be ironic if the nurses, the caretakers of their patients’ health, will be sickly during the discharge of their tasks and beyond. Nurses, as the guardians of health, should be healthy in order to inspire confidence on the patients and their family members. A sickly nurse will be taken by the patients as sign of deterioration in the hospital and this fact will not reflect kindly on the nurse and on the hospital.

But enough of the rhetorics, the main reason why health is important to nurses is also the main reason why health is important for us all. Nurses must be healthy in order to live their life in the best way possible. A life almost devoid of health is a good one. Also, nurses with good health will perform better than those who are not.

Being healthy means that one should be vigilant in maintaining a healthy body. This also means that one should know the possible cures in case an ailment does visit. For example, Gallstones may occur in nurses. Surgery, arguably the best way to excise the Gallstones but it may not be possible in some circumstances. The question here would be, “how to remove gallbladder stone without operation?’. The simple answer is medication, Some companies have developed medications that can dissolve said gallstones.

Constant Vigilance

The best way to maintain a healthy body is through constant vigilance. That one must be always attentive in order to defeat the ailments that may visit. Neglect should not be entertained. This is more important for nurses. As implied above, the Nurses are the warriors of health. Their authority to being such may be tainted by being sickly. This must not be the case.

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