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The Dangers of Frequently Sitting in front of the Screen

The computer technology has already advanced to a point where a single person can totally immerse himself/herself in it and still make a profession out of it. In fact, the field of computer technology is one of the highest paying jobs that even fresh graduates can avail to. One only needs a bachelor’s degree in a computer related course to enter this lucrative profession.

The people in this profession may have different fields of expertise but there is one overarching similarity that is shared by all in this profession. The ubiquitous computer screen is the thing that almost every person in this profession will face everyday in their day-to-day transactions in the said field. This means that the people in the field of computer technology and related fields will spend most of their day sitting in a cubicle. They will be pounding codes upon codes and test programs while sitting all day.

Thus, the people in this field exemplify the qualities of what is called the Sedentary Lifestyle. Do note that a sweeping generalization is useless for any certain group of people. However, it is quite evident that those in the field of computer technology will spend a lot of their time sitting in their offices for hours at and end. Thus, inactivity will always follow for those who are competent enough to survive and thrive in this field.

The Negative Effects of Constant Sitting

It is always nice sit back, relax and enjoy some lazy time after a day’s work. In fact, this was the norm after a day of hard labor. This is no longer the case nowadays as acres of farmlands have been replaced with buildings. Work need not be back-breaking in this day and age. The same can be said (or even intensified) in the field of computer technology. This seemingly mundane lifestyle can have deadly repercussions.

The Sedentary Lifestyle has freed people from some of the diseases and illnesses that has plagued our kind for generations. However, akin to the Pandora’s Box, this lifestyle has also unleashed a multitude of the illness that has blighted the human kind in recent decades. For example, the inactivity that the Sedentary Lifestyle has espoused gave rise to the alarming rise of obesity rates all throughout the world.

The inherent inactivity of caused by a sedentary lifestyle is compounded by the circumstance of being in the computer technology because most, if not all, that are in the industry love their work and is so engrossed in said work. This could be an advantage for productivity but one’s body could suffer from neglect. If you’ve been spending too much time in front of your screen you might want to consider getting out and going for a swim.

Is it too late?

The bottomline in this discussion is that it’s never too late one’s lifestyle in order to be healthy and beat the odds. For example, varicocele is an illness that is, more often than not, caused by a n unhealthy lifestyle. This illness can be healed through a varicocele natural treatment program.

What this basically means is that one will have to watch the types of food that may cause pH imbalances, as said imbalance is the main culprit of varicocele. Like the example given above, other illnesses can be vanquished by having a healthier lifestyle and some exercise.

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