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A short guide to Tyvek Commercial Wrap

functions of tyvek

In any commercial construction building site it is estimated that 30%-50% of energy used is wasted mainly due to the strong air movements. According to a 2005 National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) Report, creating a seal using a high grade wrap lowers this figure by up to 85%.


Water and wind are also the leading causes of disruption (whether monetary or otherwise) at under-construction project sites. Fortunately, all of this can be easily eliminated giving you the peace of mind you deserve. How, you ask? Simply by using building wraps.


And depending on which part of the country you reside in, the type of work being done, and the amount of protection your project needs, the strength of the wrap will differ.


Damage caused by wind can lead to plenty of losses. As a result, such projects need a wrap that is tougher and durable enough to last till the end of the project. One wrap that is certainly rated higher than the competition is Dupont’s Tyvek Commercial Wrap.


Manufactured by Dupont, the Tyvek Commercial Wrap is built to withstand the rigors of commercial job sites and provides an excellent barrier against air or water –  air leakage impacts the efficient operation of HVAC systems which costs the commercial building sector billions each year.  Keeping air movements out of the wall system also helps protect the insulation from drafts so that it can perform to installed R-value thus reducing the energy needed for heating and cooling

tyvek paper used for air leakage

To meet the challenges of extreme weather in conditions such as heavy rains, snow and humidity, Tyvek Commercial Wrap is engineered with a specially designed ‘creped’ surface texture. What this means is that Dupont emphasises on facilitating enhanced drainage and it’s wraps are thus designed with features like vertical grooves that allow for additional drainage at construction sites channelizing wind blown rain quite effectively.


At the same time, it does an excellent job in prevention of water accumulation in walls which can reduce the effectiveness of insulation, cause wood damage and corrosion and eventually mold and water damage.


Made from strong  materials that allows the wrap high tear resistance (especially in conditions like strong winds), this commercial wrap is designed to be used primarily at commercial construction sites and is tougher that you will expect mainly due to the materials used for construction –  spun-bonded polyethylene 7.1 mils.


It comes with up to nine months of UV resistance, which provides another layer of protection and  carries a 10-year limited warranty from Dupont.


Besides walls, these wraps are also recommended for roofs as temporary roofing or when work is being carried out on the roof itself.


The wrap has been evaluated by the Air barrier Association of America and results exceeded ABAA, ASHRAE 901.1 and IECC air leakage requirements. The product has also been tested for drainage efficiency and we are happy to say that it scored >98% drainage keeping ASTM E2273 parameters tested.


Besides being used as commercial or building wraps, Tyvek materials may also be used in the field of medicine, including dentistry, and pharmacies for packaging. Tyvek packaging always has to have its labels and its label printing is taken care by www.doranix.com.