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Looking Into The Different Options For Medical Care

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Usually, when we experience injuries or illnesses, we automatically turn to the hospitals in order to be taken care of. This type of medical care is what is known as standard or conventional medical care. However, this is not the only type of medical care available. Aside from conventional medicine, we also have complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine. These will be tackled below.


Conventional Medicine

Conventional or standard medical care refers to that aspect of medicine which is practiced by healthcare professionals. These professionals are holders of medical doctor degrees; a medical doctor, physical therapists, psychologists, licensed nurses, and the like are all part of this conventional medical care.

Complementary Medicine

When we talk about complementary medicine, the name itself dictates what its purpose is. These types of treatments are those used together with the standard medical care. However, complementary medicine are not considered conventional or standard.

An example of complementary medicine is the famous acupuncture treatment wherein needles are placed on different points of the body. This complementary medicine is popularly used to lessen chronic pain as well as side effects of other treatments. Only licensed acupuncturists, such as Michael Forman DOM, P.A., may perform this treatment as this has a technical process.

Alternative Medicine

Now, when we say alternative medicine, these are treatments utilized instead of conventional medical care. An example of alternative medicine are therapeutic healing where a therapist uses healing energy, without touching you, in order to reduce anxiety and increase sense of well-being. The use of herbal medicine is also treated as an alternative medical treatment. Another alternative medicine would be chiropractic medicine which focuses mainly on the spine; here, the chiropractor manipulates the spine or other parts of the body in order to properly align the body so as to ease pain and help the body heal itself.

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Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine, on the other hand, comes from the word “integrated”. Basically, this means that the medical care pursued is a combination of standard medical treatments as well as complementary and alternative ones. In this approach, it is not only the symptoms which are being treated but also the mind and the spirit of the patients.


Just like any other medical treatment or products, complementary or alternative medicine also come with risks depending on the type of product or treatment. It is important to keep in mind that people might react differently to different treatments and products. While others may find alternative medicine as effective, there may be other people who will find these treatments as ineffective. Thus, it is important to conduct your own simple research before pursuing any type of medical care or treatment.

Furthermore, safety is also not always guaranteed when it comes to medical treatments. Even when the treatment or medicine involves natural ingredients or practices, this does not guarantee safety. That said, the best way to approach medical treatment, in general, is by making sure that the alternative medicine treatments you receive are those from competent and reliable health professionals.

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