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Kids Safety First – How to Pick the Best Skates

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It can be confusing for parents to try and figure out how to choose the best skates for kids in the market today. With so many brands, models, and advertisements from left to right, how does one know which one to pick?

How to Choose the Best Skates for Kids

The Price vs. Quality Debate

The tried-and-tested rule is that skates from huge brands tend to give the best quality, regardless if they are for adults or children. Buying ones from generic brands can be cheaper, averaging $30 to $40, but there’s the risk that they might not perform as well.

Often, cheaper skates for kids have wheels made of plastic, which offer limited control. They usually are made with bearings that are poor in quality, closures that keep opening spontaneously, and screws that give out on keeping the wheels in place. All of these issues pose danger to the children and should not be overlooked.

The thing to remember with kids’ skates is that, despite being for children, they should never be considered as toys. As such, the level of safety that they offer should always be a priority. In fact, many parents report that, had they known the skates would perform so poorly, they would have invested a little bit more with skates of a higher quality.

For more info check out these best kids ice skate reviews.

What to Look for

  • Bearings – It is wise to check the bearings of the skates. If they have an ABEC 3 rating (or higher), they are able to provide a smooth roll for children without being too fast for them to spin out of control.
  • Boots – These should have a high cut. Higher cut boots allow for better and more ankle support. Comfort is another thing to watch out for with boots. In order to protect the feet, kids must wear socks to avoid pinch points.
  • Closures – There are typically three closure types: ratchet cuffs, laces, and hook-and-loop straps. All of these are easy enough to use, even with kids. Children aged six and up can put them on and take them off on their own. Noticing any difficulty with this task is a sign to look for another pair of skates. Having closures come off during use can be very dangerous.
  • Size – It is VERY important to pick skates with the right size. Many make the mistake of buying one size too big, in the hopes of being able to use it for longer. However, the skates must be snug. The more snug (without constricting) they are, the more comfortable and safe they can be.

Skates for Smaller Children

For younger tykes, it is advisable to go for training skates. These are available for toddlers and preschoolers who just aren’t quite ready for full-on children’s skates.

The good brands are capable of converting from one configuration to another, so they can prove to be worthwhile investments. This means that they can go from the “Training wheel” setting to the three-wheel skate configuration easily. For more info please take a look at Skate HQ’s best kids inline skate reviews.

Importance of Safety

It cannot be stressed enough how important safety is. With skaters, even for the adults, safety gear is top priority. Wearing the corresponding gear – helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, socks, and wrist guards – is a must. Every parent must ensure their kid wears this before rolling out with skates.

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