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How Stress Can Affect Your Body

Stress is an everyday occurrence. When you encounter a person, a place or a certain situation that triggers anxiety, you are experiencing stress. Studies show that mild stress is healthy. It keeps your mind and body active towards a threat; however, once it becomes a chronic condition, it becomes a threat to your health and wellness.

Chronic stress is often recognized as an emotional and mental condition. However, researchers have proven that chronic stress is also a physiological problem. Here are the top five ways how stress can affect your health.

Physiological Impact

Chronic stress is a product of excessive levels of cortisol and hormonal imbalance. Along with these hormones, your body also releases Neuropeptide Y, a type of chemical that causes fat cells to open and store fat. That is the reason why some people who experience chronic stress experience sudden weight increase. This condition is most apparent among women.

Aside from weight increase, stress can also lead to premature aging. Stress hormones shorten telomeres in cells resulting in faster aging. This condition increases the risk of diseases that accompany stress.

Other physical reactions that are linked to chronic stress include alopecia areata, headache, insomnia, muscle pain as well as a higher incidence of eczema, psoriasis, heart disease and stroke.

Emotional Impact

When you experience stress, it is difficult to concentrate on your work. As a result, you have poor performance and productivity at work.

Chronic stress might also lead to anxiety and depression; this type of stress root from personal problems such as tough relationships, domestic problems, and other similar problem. Emotional stress may also lead to poor memory, frequent mood swings and lack of libido. In addition, you always feel nervous and worried about every decision you make.

How to Treat Chronic Stress?

The basic tip to stop chronic stress is to live a healthy lifestyle. Take out the processed foods on your shelf and replace it more healthy food. Focus your diet on fruits, vegetables, and proteins. It is also ideal to eat foods that are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants.

Partner your healthy diet with regular exercises. Thirty minutes of a walk can do great to your health. Exercising helps in balancing your hormones. Furthermore, it keeps you relaxed, happy and focused.

Another tip to relieve stress is to use natural medications such as adaptogen herbs. These type of herbs are well-known for their medicinal properties in treating chronic stress and medical conditions associated with it. Examples of adaptogen herbs are ashwagandha, holy basil, Rhodiola, Cordyceps, and astragalus.

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