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About Maya

Healthcare and medical treatment is an intricate function and a very first prerequisite in this direction is that of devotion and dedication. This is what Maya’s journey, as a medical professional is all about; perseverance. While common language pronounces healthcare as an industry, Maya believes it to be a service. She has difference in belief and common opinion, and this thought is what makes her stand out of the rest. Maya Tracy has been dedicating herself towards healing and providing utmost dedicated treatments which are of apex priority. She has deep understanding of this science and also believes that if medicine is combined with proper service, it heals better and quicker, and she lives her life by it.

Every personality is shaped in a varied pattern and it takes several set of events that are combined to form a person’s personality as a whole. Similar is the case with Maya, who has developed into a person whose top priority is to cure the ill, and there have been several incidents which motivated her to take up this profession and bestow all her efforts into it. In other words, she has seen a lot in life, and doesn’t want others to see or face any of it. This whole portal is committed towards people with lesser fate, or people who suffer from various illnesses, and who want someone to understand their plight. She believes a major portion of any man’s is illness cures by itself if there is someone to understand the pain and suffering. On basis of this credence, she carries out her healings, where she understands and in a way sees through patient’s true suffering and half the job is done!

Above everything, there is maturity, which comes with extensive experience, and is sought after the most by patients who need dedicated care. Maturity is one of the strongest fortes for Maya and she has come of age, by working her heart out, providing utmost care and attaining expertise by each passing day. Her previous patients boast of her and acknowledge her as someone to look upon to, at the hour of pain and suffering. She associates her success with all her patients and serves them as her own family, and this emotion of Maya has shaped not just her own personal being, but has shaped this whole institution.

Here is Maya Tracy, the nurse with a difference in attitude and reverence in the form of her job!

If you have any questions about anything related to your medical conditions, you can ask Maya Tracy by filling the form below or visit www.medicinamaya.org

About Medicina Maya

Medicina Maya is a health resource and blog founded by nurse Maya Tracy.

Maya devotes her life fully to take care of ill people, so they can recover from their health problems and improve their quality of life one by one.

Maya has an Associate Degree in Nursing and studied four more years to receive her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Her credentials are well-received by honorable educators and doctors in the medical industry.

Ask Maya!

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