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A Valuable Gift for Loved Ones and Yourself

Your piece of jewelry serves to complement your looks and help you stand out from the crowd. Being that as part of your whole look, yet being so fragile, your jewelry deserves a place for it to keep it intact and secure.

We have jewelry boxes for this purpose, and the proliferation of jewelry everywhere makes it a nearly common fact. Being able to keep your jewelry intact and free from exposure from the elements, jewelry boxes will protect the pieces from getting misplaced as well; losing them to misplacement is a big problem.

Assuming you need one, where should you get a jewelry box?

You can have the ones by My Treasure Box when you’re in Australia. Their job is to bring the best jewelry boxes and watch boxes to everyone and everywhere in Australia. My Treasure Box offers the best concepts and designs, which can get varied from the vintage but elegant looking wooden boxes, to the modern-looking leather boxes. In fact, you can choose a modern jewelry box for your loved one here; the designs are well-thought out and are designed to accommodate the preferences of customers.

The Best Price Guarantee perk on every box in the store makes certain that the products being delivered to their customers are in their best value, shape, and quality. The price already includes the applicable shipping fee and shipping expenses across Australia; their warehouses in various locations helps in delivering your orders faster.

Featured Products

My Treasure Box boasts a staggering collection of jewelry boxes for sale, coming in different sizes and shapes. Below are just a few of the boxes that are on sale. See their complete list of available jewelry boxes for sale at https://www.mytreasurebox.com.au/collections/jewellery-boxes. Starting from $59.95, you can have a jewelry box!

1. Pearl Time Jewelry Box, Beige Interior, 25cm

One of the most elegant jewelry boxes that you’ll probably come across with, it is constructed with MDF wood; guaranteeing safekeeping of your prized possessions while its matte finish gives it a traditional yet elegant look. With so much space for your precious jewelry, the box clocks in at $99.

2. Pearl Time Jewelry and Watch Box, curved top and cherry finish

Although it’s not expected to display as many pieces as its aforementioned cousin, this box, despite having only a few panels, compensates greatly due to the classic cherry finish. The interior of the box is expansive; you can get two watches placed inside. The price still starts at $99.

3. Pearl Time Jewelry Box, cream interior, 23 cm

We’re in the same part of the book if you thing that Pearl Time has overrun My Treasure Box’s market. Not necessarily; the product line is simply great. The lid of this box depicts a unique exquisite pattern, and it has a modern matte for that modern touch. The box is also made of MDF wood which augments the durability of the box.

The list does not end here, and there are more at My Treasure Box’s store. There are many more jewelry boxes available on My Treasure Box, and telling you all about them now would. Be sure to check them all out and see which one is perfect for your needs!

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