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5 Best Foods for Teeth Health

We are all familiar with the basics when it comes to healthy teeth: brush twice a day, try to floss at least once each day, and visit a dentist for a check-up after every six months. Despite this, oral health is often ignored or overlooked with many people even failing to brush their teeth regularly. However, there are instances where keeping on top of your oral health simply means watching out for what you eat.

Acid- either produced by oral bacteria which thrive on sugar before converting it to acid or directly contained in food and drink- is a tooth’s worst enemy. Conversely, the mouth’s best friends are those foods that neutralize acids and provide vitamins and minerals to stimulate saliva and repair tooth enamel. While some foods like fizzy pop or sugary candies contribute to the build up of gum disease and tooth decay, there are healthier drinks and foods that essentially act as the mouth’s laundry detergent. Below, therefore, we take a look at 4 of the best foods for teeth health as follows:


  • Yogurt

Yogurt is high in protein and calcium which makes it ideal for the health and strength of your teeth. The beneficial bacteria (probiotics) present in yogurt also benefit the gums as the good bacteria crowd out bacteria responsible for causing cavities. If you choose to add more yogurt to your diet, select a plain variety that contains no added sugar.

  • Cheese

If you are among the many people who profess their love for cheese, then you now have another reason to appreciate this tasty food. Studies show that eating cheese raises the pH in our mouths and consequently lowers the risk of tooth decay. Cheese also contains protein and calcium, nutrients that are responsible for strengthening tooth enamel.

  • Leafy greens

Leafy greens almost always find their way onto any healthy foods list. This is because they are full of minerals and vitamins while being low in calories. Leafy greens such as spinach and kale are recommended by dentists in Texas as they promote oral health owing to their high calcium content which builds the teeth’s enamel. Moreover, they also contain folic acid- a type of vitamin B with numerous health benefits, including the ability to treat gum disease in pregnant women. If you are having trouble incorporating leafy greens in your diet, BC Soft Touch Dental recommends throwing some kale on a pizza or adding a handful of baby spinach to your next salad. You could also try adding greens to a smoothie.

  • Apples

While dentists generally recommend steering clear of most sweet and sugary foods, there are some exceptions. Apples might be considered sweet, but they are also high in water and fiber. Further, the action of consuming an apple produces saliva in the mouth which rinses away food particles and bacteria while its fibrous texture also stimulates the gums. Granted, eating an apple is not the same as brushing your teeth with toothpaste that contains fluoride but it can, nonetheless, tide you over until you get the chance to brush. Pack either apple slices or a whole apple in your lunch in order to give your mouth a proper scrubbing at the end of your meal.

Thanks to Sarah Behmanesh for the great guest post. For more information about dental care please visit her website at BC Soft Touch Dental where they provide the best dental care in Bee Cave.


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