Exercise and the Elderly with Workout Schedules

Elderly people need their health better then ever at their age. This is because they are much more liable to get major diseases because their body is not strong enough to fight back. Another reason is, as one gets older your energy level starts to go down and their body just wants to give up by not doing anything. Now this is sad for all of us to see because it can happen so fast. Elderly people also are at risk to get cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. If their body is weak they have no way of fighting it off.

Now I don’t mean getting healthy by taking medications that most nursing homes do, but I mean by doing physical activities. The best way to get the physical activity into their lifestyle is by allowing them to workout. The only problem with that is most nursing homes don’t own or have enough room for a large gym. They are small enough all ready. Another reason most nursing homes don’t do it is because almost all of workout programs exercises last for about 1 hour. So they are created for the younger generations that can last that long. To get an 85-year-old to do military push-ups for 30 seconds would be pretty crazy.

One resource that really helped me to figure this all out was Workout Training Review.  They broke down the different styles of Video workouts and helped me to find the right one for the patients that I am monitoring.  It’s pretty incredible the differences that lie in programs like Focus T25, P90X and even Insanity…those last two I wouldn’t recommend for the elderly.  I’m quite thankful I was able to get rid of those old Richard Simons tape…eek!

But there are other options, like doing workouts from their room or the common room. And the best program for that is Focus T25. The Focus T25 workout program is great for the elderly because it is fun and it is always up beat. Another great thing about it is it is only 25 minutes long each day and the exercises are just right for people who are at that age. Which is the perfect amount of time, considering that most elderly get tired fast. So they feel like they at least accomplished something even though it was only 25 minutes.

Sometimes keeping on a schedule is hard, even for young spirited minds like us. However with Focus T25 you will get a schedule so you no longer have to remember what you do the next day on your own. So this workout is easier than ever to do no matter your age.

Another great thing about the T25 workout program is that many people can do it at once. Groups help people to interact with each other more and doing the workouts in groups will allow for more fun and laughter. And laughter and fun are great for keeping the elderly’s spirits up and body feeling young.

I have tried this program with my widowed 80-year-old grandmother who is in a nursing home. Every weekend I go and see her at her nursing home, so we always are having some fun with the Focus T25 videos. She told me that she loved them not only because she thought Shaun T was pretty good looking, but also because she was able to keep up with me for the most part. So she didn’t feel as old but felt like she was in her 20’s again. I just loved seeing the smile on her face every time we completed a video.

Another thing my grandmother loved about the Focus T25 videos was the fact that Shaun T was always keeping the spirit up. He was always very inspirational and she said that made her feel better and want continue going. Other workout people can be very dull and boring, and you just want to tell them to stop talking! But not Shaun T, he was the one that made my grandmother keep going.

So as you can see Focus T25 is perfect for the elderly. You can do it in tight spaces, which is how most nursing homes are. It only takes 25 minutes a day, which is about all the time and energy most at that age, would have. The workout program is great for doing in groups to make it more fun. Focus T25 comes with a schedule so you don’t have to remember where you left off or need to do the next day. It also gives the elderly something to do that makes them feel young again. Working out also helps bring back their bone density, and it also protects them from cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. And most importantly is it gives them the health that they need that cannot be gotten by taking medications.…

How Stress Can Affect Your Body

Stress is an everyday occurrence. When you encounter a person, a place or a certain situation that triggers anxiety, you are experiencing stress. Studies show that mild stress is healthy. It keeps your mind and body active towards a threat; however, once it becomes a chronic condition, it becomes a threat to your health and wellness.

Chronic stress is often recognized as an emotional and mental condition. However, researchers have proven that chronic stress is also a physiological problem. Here are the top five ways how stress can affect your health.

Physiological Impact

Chronic stress is a product of excessive levels of cortisol and hormonal imbalance. Along with these hormones, your body also releases Neuropeptide Y, a type of chemical that causes fat cells to open and store fat. That is the reason why some people who experience chronic stress experience sudden weight increase. This condition is most apparent among women.

Aside from weight increase, stress can also lead to premature aging. Stress hormones shorten telomeres in cells resulting in faster aging. This condition increases the risk of diseases that accompany stress.

Other physical reactions that are linked to chronic stress include alopecia areata, headache, insomnia, muscle pain as well as a higher incidence of eczema, psoriasis, heart disease and stroke.

Emotional Impact

When you experience stress, it is difficult to concentrate on your work. As a result, you have poor performance and productivity at work.

Chronic stress might also lead to anxiety and depression; this type of stress root from personal problems such as tough relationships, domestic problems, and other similar problem. Emotional stress may also lead to poor memory, frequent mood swings and lack of libido. In addition, you always feel nervous and worried about every decision you make.

How to Treat Chronic Stress?

The basic tip to stop chronic stress is to live a healthy lifestyle. Take out the processed foods on your shelf and replace it more healthy food. Focus your diet on fruits, vegetables, and proteins. It is also ideal to eat foods that are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants.

Partner your healthy diet with regular exercises. Thirty minutes of a walk can do great to your health. Exercising helps in balancing your hormones. Furthermore, it keeps you relaxed, happy and focused.

Another tip to relieve stress is to use natural medications such as adaptogen herbs. These type of herbs are well-known for their medicinal properties in treating chronic stress and medical conditions associated with it. Examples of adaptogen herbs are ashwagandha, holy basil, Rhodiola, Cordyceps, and astragalus.

Of course, it is difficult to find each one of these herbs. The good news is you can get these adaptogen herbs in one capsule. All you need to do is find the best adaptogen supplements to take in 2019 here at Adaptogen Supplement.

The Adaptogen Supplement is an online source that provides product reviews of the latest natural solution to chronic stress. Also, they have buying guidelines to help you determine which adaptogen supplement works best for your condition.

The natural remedy to stress is here! If you need more info on these supplements, check it out at Adaptogen Supplements.…

Protecting Medical and Other Important Information Online

how to protect medical information online

For those looking for an effective and trusted method of protecting you and your online activity and personal information such as those concerning medical or health issues, finances, etc., this is the one for you. VPN, or Virtual Private Network gives you the opportunity to create a secured connection to another network via the internet. Through this, VPNs can be used to connect and access even region-restricted websites while protecting your activity from unauthorized people from accessing your network and spying on you on public Wi-Fi.

Virtual Private Networks basically wraps your internet activities. It forward all your network traffic to the secured network shielding your IP address, and allowing you to bypass internet censorship. By setting up a VPN, you connect your computer or any type of device such as a smartphone or tablet as if it’s on the same local network as the VPN. When you connect to a VPN and start browsing, your device accesses a website through the encrypted VPN connection. For example, if you are using a USA-based VPN to access a USA-based website, the site will view your connection as though your location is in the United States.

In terms of downloads, governments have been known to track people through their internet service providers to trace their online activity. With a VPN however, your IP address is constantly changing thus making you untraceable on the internet. This is especially helpful for students or workers who download important files on the internet.

For large scale companies, having a VPN connection can save a ton of money in the long run. Hackers are able to access thousands of accounts from just a single source. Using a VPN can lower the risk of hacking or for unauthorized persons to access the internet or network that your company uses.protecting personal information

For travelers, its unavoidable to use Wi-Fi connections or hotspots when moving from place to place. Staying in a café or at the airport, there are more than a few reasons why we need to use public networks. Of course, we have responsibilities and tasks to complete even during the minutes of our flight or when strolling around the mall. This is where having a VPN comes in handy. It’s obvious that Wi-Fi connections which come free or through a purchase of a drink are definitely not safe. Your confidential emails and browsing can be exposed or traced enough for unauthorized people to eavesdrop. It’s very easy for hackers to decode your unecrypted wifi signal using plugins or programs. This is why spending a few bucks can save you a ton of money and personal files in the long run. We can’t always stay safe and prevent what we access on the internet to be accessed.

So, if you’re convinced that VPN is the savior you need for your device and online browsing needs, then it’s about time to subscribe to one and start getting your networks protected. But first, you will also have to ask what VPNs are good in Japan or in the USA before subscribing. It’s as easy as one, two, three in signing up for one. All it takes is a username and server address. For those who are not so savvy with the internet, not to worry, there are customer service and support awaiting you provided by VPN companies to help you get started.…

A short guide to Tyvek Commercial Wrap

functions of tyvek

In any commercial construction building site it is estimated that 30%-50% of energy used is wasted mainly due to the strong air movements. According to a 2005 National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) Report, creating a seal using a high grade wrap lowers this figure by up to 85%.


Water and wind are also the leading causes of disruption (whether monetary or otherwise) at under-construction project sites. Fortunately, all of this can be easily eliminated giving you the peace of mind you deserve. How, you ask? Simply by using building wraps.


And depending on which part of the country you reside in, the type of work being done, and the amount of protection your project needs, the strength of the wrap will differ.


Damage caused by wind can lead to plenty of losses. As a result, such projects need a wrap that is tougher and durable enough to last till the end of the project. One wrap that is certainly rated higher than the competition is Dupont’s Tyvek Commercial Wrap.


Manufactured by Dupont, the Tyvek Commercial Wrap is built to withstand the rigors of commercial job sites and provides an excellent barrier against air or water –  air leakage impacts the efficient operation of HVAC systems which costs the commercial building sector billions each year.  Keeping air movements out of the wall system also helps protect the insulation from drafts so that it can perform to installed R-value thus reducing the energy needed for heating and cooling

tyvek paper used for air leakage

To meet the challenges of extreme weather in conditions such as heavy rains, snow and humidity, Tyvek Commercial Wrap is engineered with a specially designed ‘creped’ surface texture. What this means is that Dupont emphasises on facilitating enhanced drainage and it’s wraps are thus designed with features like vertical grooves that allow for additional drainage at construction sites channelizing wind blown rain quite effectively.


At the same time, it does an excellent job in prevention of water accumulation in walls which can reduce the effectiveness of insulation, cause wood damage and corrosion and eventually mold and water damage.


Made from strong  materials that allows the wrap high tear resistance (especially in conditions like strong winds), this commercial wrap is designed to be used primarily at commercial construction sites and is tougher that you will expect mainly due to the materials used for construction –  spun-bonded polyethylene 7.1 mils.


It comes with up to nine months of UV resistance, which provides another layer of protection and  carries a 10-year limited warranty from Dupont.


Besides walls, these wraps are also recommended for roofs as temporary roofing or when work is being carried out on the roof itself.


The wrap has been evaluated by the Air barrier Association of America and results exceeded ABAA, ASHRAE 901.1 and IECC air leakage requirements. The product has also been tested for drainage efficiency and we are happy to say that it scored >98% drainage keeping ASTM E2273 parameters tested.


Besides being used as commercial or building wraps, Tyvek materials may also be used in the field of medicine, including dentistry, and pharmacies for packaging. Tyvek packaging always has to have its labels and its label printing is taken care by www.doranix.com.

Kids Safety First – How to Pick the Best Skates

infographic for healthiest foods pick-the-best-skates

It can be confusing for parents to try and figure out how to choose the best skates for kids in the market today. With so many brands, models, and advertisements from left to right, how does one know which one to pick?

How to Choose the Best Skates for Kids

The Price vs. Quality Debate

The tried-and-tested rule is that skates from huge brands tend to give the best quality, regardless if they are for adults or children. Buying ones from generic brands can be cheaper, averaging $30 to $40, but there’s the risk that they might not perform as well.

Often, cheaper skates for kids have wheels made of plastic, which offer limited control. They usually are made with bearings that are poor in quality, closures that keep opening spontaneously, and screws that give out on keeping the wheels in place. All of these issues pose danger to the children and should not be overlooked.

The thing to remember with kids’ skates is that, despite being for children, they should never be considered as toys. As such, the level of safety that they offer should always be a priority. In fact, many parents report that, had they known the skates would perform so poorly, they would have invested a little bit more with skates of a higher quality.

For more info check out these best kids ice skate reviews.

What to Look for

  • Bearings – It is wise to check the bearings of the skates. If they have an ABEC 3 rating (or higher), they are able to provide a smooth roll for children without being too fast for them to spin out of control.
  • Boots – These should have a high cut. Higher cut boots allow for better and more ankle support. Comfort is another thing to watch out for with boots. In order to protect the feet, kids must wear socks to avoid pinch points.
  • Closures – There are typically three closure types: ratchet cuffs, laces, and hook-and-loop straps. All of these are easy enough to use, even with kids. Children aged six and up can put them on and take them off on their own. Noticing any difficulty with this task is a sign to look for another pair of skates. Having closures come off during use can be very dangerous.
  • Size – It is VERY important to pick skates with the right size. Many make the mistake of buying one size too big, in the hopes of being able to use it for longer. However, the skates must be snug. The more snug (without constricting) they are, the more comfortable and safe they can be.

Skates for Smaller Children

For younger tykes, it is advisable to go for training skates. These are available for toddlers and preschoolers who just aren’t quite ready for full-on children’s skates.

The good brands are capable of converting from one configuration to another, so they can prove to be worthwhile investments. This means that they can go from the “Training wheel” setting to the three-wheel skate configuration easily. For more info please take a look at Skate HQ’s best kids inline skate reviews.

Importance of Safety

It cannot be stressed enough how important safety is. With skaters, even for the adults, safety gear is top priority. Wearing the corresponding gear – helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, socks, and wrist guards – is a must. Every parent must ensure their kid wears this before rolling out with skates.…

infographic for healthiest foods

5 Best Foods for Teeth Health

We are all familiar with the basics when it comes to healthy teeth: brush twice a day, try to floss at least once each day, and visit a dentist for a check-up after every six months. Despite this, oral health is often ignored or overlooked with many people even failing to brush their teeth regularly. However, there are instances where keeping on top of your oral health simply means watching out for what you eat.

Acid- either produced by oral bacteria which thrive on sugar before converting it to acid or directly contained in food and drink- is a tooth’s worst enemy. Conversely, the mouth’s best friends are those foods that neutralize acids and provide vitamins and minerals to stimulate saliva and repair tooth enamel. While some foods like fizzy pop or sugary candies contribute to the build up of gum disease and tooth decay, there are healthier drinks and foods that essentially act as the mouth’s laundry detergent. Below, therefore, we take a look at 4 of the best foods for teeth health as follows:


  • Yogurt

Yogurt is high in protein and calcium which makes it ideal for the health and strength of your teeth. The beneficial bacteria (probiotics) present in yogurt also benefit the gums as the good bacteria crowd out bacteria responsible for causing cavities. If you choose to add more yogurt to your diet, select a plain variety that contains no added sugar.

  • Cheese

If you are among the many people who profess their love for cheese, then you now have another reason to appreciate this tasty food. Studies show that eating cheese raises the pH in our mouths and consequently lowers the risk of tooth decay. Cheese also contains protein and calcium, nutrients that are responsible for strengthening tooth enamel.

  • Leafy greens

Leafy greens almost always find their way onto any healthy foods list. This is because they are full of minerals and vitamins while being low in calories. Leafy greens such as spinach and kale are recommended by dentists in Texas as they promote oral health owing to their high calcium content which builds the teeth’s enamel. Moreover, they also contain folic acid- a type of vitamin B with numerous health benefits, including the ability to treat gum disease in pregnant women. If you are having trouble incorporating leafy greens in your diet, BC Soft Touch Dental recommends throwing some kale on a pizza or adding a handful of baby spinach to your next salad. You could also try adding greens to a smoothie.

  • Apples

While dentists generally recommend steering clear of most sweet and sugary foods, there are some exceptions. Apples might be considered sweet, but they are also high in water and fiber. Further, the action of consuming an apple produces saliva in the mouth which rinses away food particles and bacteria while its fibrous texture also stimulates the gums. Granted, eating an apple is not the same as brushing your teeth with toothpaste that contains fluoride but it can, nonetheless, tide you over until you get the chance to brush. Pack either apple slices or a whole apple in your lunch in order to give your mouth a proper scrubbing at the end of your meal.

Thanks to Sarah Behmanesh for the great guest post. For more information about dental care please visit her website at BC Soft Touch Dental where they provide the best dental care in Bee Cave.


CNA Resume and Cover Letter Manual

CNA Resume and Cover Letter BookAlthough I worked in an advertising agency, I would still give this book an A++ rating since this guide had helped my niece ace her CNA cover letter and CV and got the job. I can still remember when she asked me to help her out with her application to a big hospital in Morris, Illinois and while browsing for some tips online, I bump into this manual by John Rodgers (and few other CNA books). Since I am subscribed to KindleUnlimited, I was able to scan its content for free and have viewed their resume templates and cover letters before I gave it to her. I imparted to her some of my personal tips (mostly are for the interview part) plus this guide since I don’t have background in health care and I think, this book did most of the help from partial structuring and formatting.

Is it a Good CNA Resume and Cover Letter Manual?

From what I have found online, I can say that Rodgers’ templates are unique and not the typical resume and cover letter templates you can find on free resources or in any other CNA books.

Another benefit CNAs will get from this book is that, it can help them highlight their background and their education as CNA professionals. And they will be guided unto how they can write their cover letter with the use of their step-by-step procedure and the improvement tips, thus making sure they are doing the right thing. The explanations on each samples are also beneficial particularly to new professionals since it helps them understand the importance of each points. Regardless of your professional level, the tips they provide will surely fit to you. In fact, they also have specific templates designed for whatever level you are in, inexperienced or experienced CNAs.

I think, the HUGE list of template examples and the detailed explanations makes this book great and a favorite by CNAs.

If you are considering on getting a professional resume writer, why not invest on this book? Considering that a lot of these professional resume writers are expensive, it’s really not a practical choice. If you own this book, you can create more than one CNA resume and cover letter, you can even share it with your other fellow nursing assistants and you can help your other CNA friends if they asked your help.

I know you really want to have the best and the most impressive resume and cover letter, so this book will give you the answer. And because you cannot guarantee that professional resume writers can give you what you look for, it’s better that you do it yourself, than wasting your time asking for revisions. Plus if you create that on your own, you will also feel proud of it.

Final Results of the Resume Review

From all the CNA manuals I have read so far, for me this one is the most practical and very detailed. Official CNA Resume and Cover Letters Manual Book is really worth reading for CNA professionals who plan to perfect their resumes and cover letters. Highly recommended!!!…

Ways to effectively achieve a “Healthier You”

Looking into people’s health practices during the old times simply gives us the idea that the old ways, which are natural forms of healing and medication, are among the safest forms of health practices. During the old times, all-natural healing and medications are very reliable and their only means of recovering from their illnesses and injuries. However natural healing and medications, although they are still practiced today, are somewhat not that effective and efficient. Why? Because people of today just like the technology, are also changing. The environment that we are living now is far more different than what people have lived thousands of years ago. Pollution, harmful chemicals, preservatives on foods, alcoholic drinks, cigarette smoking and so much more – these things affects the response of human body towards healing procedure.

Although conventional form of healing and medications are effective as compared to natural forms, yet we know that these type of healing and medications have various adverse reactions to mankind. In fact, it may also cause death if done inappropriately.

We are aware that our unhealthy habits along with the toxic environment we lived in are the primary causes why people of 21st century are sickly and dies at a very young age. However, this problem can actually be prevented if we change our lifestyle and that is our only way in order to survive longer.

So how can we do that?

healthy eatingHealthy lifestyle is about changing our unhealthy eating into healthy one. Practicing to be physically active, taking away bad drinking habits and quitting your smoking habit.

These may sound easy to some people especially to those who are really dedicated into changing their lives into healthier one but to those who are not devoted and are doubtful if these practices are doable to them, then it would truly be hard for them.

Setting a positive and healthy mindset is the key

If we aim to change our lifestyle into healthier way we need to change our mindset first. But remember, you don’t need very strict rules in order to become healthy. Start small and start slowly until you can develop a healthy lifestyle that will be achievable to you.

It will always matter on your choice.
If you’re dedicated into changing your lifestyle and you choose salad over chips, then your vision of a “healthier you” will be achieved in less time and it will surely be maintained until it becomes a habit.

Once you set a healthy mindset, then start identifying the unhealthy habits that you keep doing and put a healthy alternative that you can set for them.

Don’t rush. As I have said earlier, start small and start slowly. This is a perfect way to let yourself adapt in a new lifestyle without giving your body and yourself a shock.

How about you, are you ready to change your unhealthy lifestyle into healthier one, share your thoughts below.…

Running Barefooted – Running with Much Freedom

Running has so many health benefits, and running barefooted doesn’t just give you a lot of health benefits but a unique connection to earth.

Running barefooted is not new to us. In fact there are several events worldwide that lets people to run barefooted in order to experience this one of a kind running experience and being able to connect with Mother earth.

What are the benefits of running barefooted?

  • Gives your precious feet and ligaments freedom and strengthens the muscles in it.
  • You’ll learn to land on the forefoot rather than the heel area which helps your arches to work as natural shock absorbers.
  • Helps improve your balance by activating your tiny fingers, ankles and your overall feet including your legs.
  • It helps you become more attached to nature and to the ground.
  • You get the reflexology benefits, meaning the nerves and soles on your feet are being stimulated, thus, giving yourself a reduced blood pressure, lower stress level and tension and a lot more healing benefits.

Tips for first time barefoot runners

Once you decide to start barefoot running, make sure that you do it slowly. Don’t push yourself to run hard on your first try because chances are you’re going to experience pain and injuries or maybe, you’ll find barefoot running to be exhausting.

Start with few minutes of light running on a hard surface, then go with different surfaces like dirt, asphalt surfaces, or grass then slowly lengthen the minutes you run. You may use barefoot shoes when you run because it will help your feet to adapt easily on running on the ground when you feel that you’re ready to run completely barefooted.

The popularity of barefoot running simply shows that people these days are craving for more freedom. Yes, freedom to feel the natural elements of the world. As we all know many decades ago, ancient people used to walk and run barefooted and they’re stronger and healthier. In today’s era, let’s not just think of running barefooted as a trend but something that we should do at least once in a while.…

Organic or Herbal – What Is the Difference?

I know most of you are not really aware about the difference between the term “organic” and “herbal”. Most likely, you’ll think that these two terms – “organic” and “herbal”, are synonymous.  In reality, these two terms are incorrectly used by many people and this mistake has misled thousands and thousands of people from finding out what is really true.

Now let’s deal with these two terms and try to understand the difference between the two.

The term “herbal” medicine

When we say herbal medicine, it means a medicine that comes or prepared from herbs or plants. Herbal medicine can either be organic or not depending on how it is being prepared or grown.

The term “organic” medicine

When we say organic medicine it’s about how the medicine is being produced or grown. When you see a certain label that claims to be organic then that simply means that the product is grown or produced without the usage of chemical pesticides and usually promote water and soil conservation.

To give you a clearer look at how they differ from each other take a look at the examples below:

Chamomile Tincture – Herbal but NOT organic.

Organic Chamomile Tincture – Herbal and Organic

Organic Fish Oil – Organic but NOT herbal.

Based on the examples above, you can really identify that there is a great difference between these two terms. When you buy medicines or shop for products, don’t get confused with what’s herbal and organic because you might never get the benefits that you expected to get and experience. Dietary supplements, essential oils or other forms of medicinal oils, and creams that we can see on the market often have these labels that claim that they are “organic” or “herbal” or “natural”. Be mindful when buying them and really check if it is something that you really need and right before using or consuming them check with a health professional for your safety.

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